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help you sleep

Kiwifruit is high in seratonin. Studies show that eating two kiwis before bedtime can hep you fall asleep more quickly.

saYmYnamEhelp you sleep


One serving of kiwi has more fiber than a packet of oatmeal.



One serving of kiwi has 30mg of magnesium which helps nerve and muscle function.


vitamin E

Kiwifruit is a rare fat-free source of Vitamin E. One serving provides 10% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps lower cholesterol and boosts immunity.

saYmYnamEvitamin E


Kiwifruit is a good unfortified source of folate. Provides 10% of the daily recommended value. Folate helps prevent birth defects and protect the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy.


kiwi bird

Kiwis were named after New Zealand’s national bird.

saYmYnamEkiwi bird

gold kiwi

Gold Kiwi has smooth skin and more vitamin C than green kiwi.

saYmYnamEgold kiwi

kiwi varieties

There are over 60 varieties of kiwifruit, including gold kiwi, red kiwi and even kiwi berries!

saYmYnamEkiwi varieties