our kiwis

Our green kiwis are grown in Italy, Chile and Calfornia, under strict standards which ensure premium taste and star quality! They have vibrant green flesh and fuzzy brown skin.

Our gold kiwis are grown in Italy, outside of Rome. They have a tropical flavor and smooth brown skin. Some describe their flavor like a mix between a strawberry and a melon.

Our organic green kiwis are grown in Italy, outside of Rome. They are pesticide free and direct from mother earth.

Our Demeter-certified Biodynamic kiwis are grown on organic farms that integrate plants, animals, water, air and soil into a regulating ecosystem.

what is biodynamic?

sustainable farming means healthy farms

sustainable farming means healthy farms

While a Biodynamic farm meets all the requirements of an organic farm, it is also managed as a closed system. That means that it not only aims to be free of outside inputs like fertilizer and pesticides, it actually contributes to increased soil quality, water quality, and carbon sequestration through the vitality of the farm system itself.

wholesome food means healthy people

wholesome food means healthy people

Biodynamic farmers never use GMOs, and avoid the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Here, the integrity of the agricultural ingredients define the finished product. After all, products are only as good as the farming that creates them.

farm animals live more natural lives

farm animals live more natural lives

The goal of a Biodynamic farm is to allow its animals to naturally express their innate behaviors. Cows keep their horns; pigs their tails; chickens their beaks. The animals have extensive free range, and a warm and safe place to sleep.


Our clamshells are made with between 70% – 100% post consumer recycled water bottles.

Our organic pouch uses up to 65% less material than a clamshell, which reduces the product weight and thus, carbon emissions.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our sustainability and offer the best products on the market.

non-GMO verified logo

All of our kiwis are verified non-GMO by the NON-GMO PROJECT

All of our growers follow strict growing practices and we monitor our kiwis through every step of the supply-chain to ensure that we deliver safe and high-quality kiwis into the marketplace.

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